Thursday, June 25, 2009


I'm always amazed at how resilient the human body can be.  One moment your tired and the next thing you know you've managed to complete a day's worth of work and work outs.  Today was one of those days where I woke up to my alarm at 5 am and definitely could have stayed a little longer in the cocoon of my bed.  Nevertheless, I reminded myself that this week is a high volume week, I have big goals and a super focus for the next 3 years and well a FLOURISHING life!  

It really helps to remind myself of the bigger picture when I'm feeling tired.  Another thing I discovered, is that when normal fatigue is setting in to be good to myself and adjust the work out accordingly.  For example I had a tempo run planned at a 5k pace for the morning, and was barely awake upon rising; so I decided that I would start out with my warm up and see how I felt afterwards.  If my body was not responding I'd adjust the plan and go for a cruisey 1 hour run.  Well, what do you know, and this is what i find fascinating about our bodies, after my 20min run warm up I came around and hammered out an incredible 5k pace tempo run! Awesome.

Second work out of the day was scheduled to be a big 4000M swim, in the PM after work.  I took a nap (bad decision) and woke up groggy realizing that it was now time for my swim or at least a shot at a swim.  This is my phycological strategy:  If I'm fatigued or really not feeling well, I'll try the planned work out, adjust if needed or take a day off.  But more often then not I'd say 90-95% of the time my body comes around and I have a great work out.  "You never regret going, but you'll regret missing a session" a client of mine once said!  So again, I managed a respectable 4000M swim in the PM for a second hard session of the day.  It's amazing what God allows our bodies to do if we trust in him, are willing, have a sense of persistence and of course WORK HARD!

This is a reminder to myself that when you feel like you can't you most likely can.  Give it a shot see where it goes and you will amaze your self.  I don't believe in an "all or nothing" approach in relation to life or training.  I believe in optimal living; trying your best and working at a truly  flourishing life.  With regard to training, a work out can always be tailored down or UP depending on the day and accompanying energy and circumstances.

I can and I will.  Get after it:)


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