Sunday, July 5, 2009

Say a little prayer and go.

This seems to be the week of challenging work outs, well because in fact it is.  The last couple of days have been a mental battle in the morning with fatigue and wanting to take the day off.  With the same mental strategy of last post paired with a little prayer, this morning I found myself doing  up my shoe laces with out thought - just doing it.  Said a little prayer and by God's grace, what do you know I'm out the door having a fabulous awesome run with good energy!  Two things I learned again: #1When you're feeling truly fatigued say a prayer #2Give it a go, be strong, and see what happens.  God is awesome and he got me through today's 18k with great energy, thank you God!!  I made a human choice to go, and God provided the energy!!  He transcended where I was at - with a little prayer, choice and faith- and provided me with a great run.

Be willing to let God work, and He will amaze you.

This is the Gift that God has given me, athleticism, and I want to give Him Glory through it.
Through the day to day training, races, interactions with my clients etc...I choose to continually work at this athletic ability and gift to full fill God's purpose for my give Him Glory via His gifting.  God has planted the seed of athleticism and I need to let it grow.


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