Friday, July 31, 2009

Live in Truth - Flourish

Be truthful to yourself and your calling.  Flourish in your life through God, Jesus and Holy Spirit.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Brush the dust off and GO.

1:20 comfortable, cruisey run

God is the ultimate coach.  Listened to what my mind, body and spirit needed today (contrary to "training peaks" and both coaches): steady, cruisey running....feel better already.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

When a door closes a window opens

In faith, I know that when a door closes God opens a window.  Even when I don't see that window right away or understand why a particular door closed, in faith I choose to believe in God's greater purpose and vision.  

For instance, this week I was planning on racing the "zone 91.3 8k", which I was pretty excited about since there would have been great opportunity to medal.  I woke up this morning feeling low-energy, sneezy, coughy and dizzy: the aftermath of perhaps last week's flu virus.  So after a good cry of frustration, a chat and prayer with mom, a discussion with my coach the conclusion was reached that racing wouldn't be the wisest decision.  Next week's training will also be on the lighter side.  Ok, fine, I'm actually ok with this because I know God has a greater vision and I'm sure there are some great lessons to be learnt.  God's shown me His better plan countless times before, even when I can't see it right away, but in hindsight I can usually see His greater in faith I know it's all good, He's got it covered all I need to do is: try my best in my own humanly way, have faith, pray, and live an optimal flourishing life!!  So this small obstacle today, is a great example of many of other life's dilemma's and how God is there in the midst of it creating a better purpose.

So what did I learn and what helped me today:

1-Praying and truly wanting God's will to be done
2-Chatting with mom (mom's are great!)
3- Looking at the bigger picture
4-Taking a closer look at my nutrition and adjusting some things (later post to come)
5-Sleeping, lots of sleeping (12 hours last night, and two naps!)!
6-Lots of Veggies (Veggies are becoming more and more the foundation of my diet!)
7-then some training, easier then usual, but still a good sweat!  My brain and endorphins still needed a pick me up!
8- Knowing that God will deliver me from this sickness because His gift to me is Sport.

I can see now that this low energy has forced me to take a closer look at my nutrition and focus even more on veggies as the foundation!  God's nutrition!

I'm looking forward to some cruisey fun training tomorrow-flourish!

Monday, July 20, 2009

My body screamed for exercise

So after sleeping much of the week away due to sickness and sleeping a record of 12 hours on Sunday, not including naps, today I am officially feeling much better.  I woke up this morning with out my alarm at 5 am ready to go!  I ate my gluten free muffin then was off to my trainer for an hour followed by a cruisey 6k run.  Very nice way to start the morning and wow my body was sure delighted by the training, it felt as though my body was screaming for exercise.  Our bodies get so attuned mentally, physically and spiritually to working out, and to go with ought for several days was very tough.  Another reminder, of how adaptation works and changes every cell in one's body right down to the cognitive and nervous the point that you can't function with out proper stimulus...that being a good workout for the athlete!  So I'm very happy and thank full for today and being back into the training mode full on!

Friday, July 17, 2009

no more denial...I am sick!

So, after denying that I am sick for about a week....guess what?  Full on, I am sick and my body is telling me so....hope to feel better soon!  Off to see the doc!

Thursday, July 16, 2009


Re-setting the system by way of rest is needed now and again when I'm training my system "hard" over a period of high volume weeks.  I was at the completion of a big training block when I felt the intense urge to completely rest and take a break from all obligations: work, training and socializing....sorta of like a mini-vacation/spa at home.  This has turned out to be remarkably rewarding in that I am finally able to enjoy my rest, relax and "just be" for once.  This to me is a sign that I'm learning to truly listen to God and what my body is telling me, and have peace in that.  Just as I find true peace and fulfillment is pursuing my God given purpose as an athlete, whether it be in the completion of a great workout, race or training block, I am now beginning to find peace in needed rest.  The fantastic thing about this is that I know by resting now I will rock later.  I'm actually enjoying my rest, amazing!  My new motto, rest today, rock tomorrow!  Meaning rest and rejuvenate so that you can truly absorb the training effect, grow stronger and ultimately become fitter.  

Not only that but I'm starting to feel mentally more rejuvenated and have discovered some interesting things in regard to listening to my body closely, the first already mentioned and the second in regard to nutrition.  I have been really paying close attention to what my body has been calling for, and have discovered that at all times I "crave" healthy foods, but the macro nutrient profile changes upon training and resting periods.  For example, during high volume blocks my body calls for protein, produce, fruits and veggies and a little carbohydrate from non-gluten grains.  During this resting period I am finding that my body is not calling for any animal protein but instead a teensy bit more complex carbohydrates (from non-gluten grains, fruits, veg) , Raw foods, fruits, nuts and of course, as usual, LOTS or VEGGIES!  Interesting how if we truly listen to the signals God has implemented in our bodies we will live optimally according the phase and season that our lives our in!  God is amazing!

Lesson learnt:  Listen to you body, rest when you truly need it.... so that you can rock on and get fitter!!  Rest today, rock tomorrow!


Thursday, July 9, 2009

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Say a little prayer and go.

This seems to be the week of challenging work outs, well because in fact it is.  The last couple of days have been a mental battle in the morning with fatigue and wanting to take the day off.  With the same mental strategy of last post paired with a little prayer, this morning I found myself doing  up my shoe laces with out thought - just doing it.  Said a little prayer and by God's grace, what do you know I'm out the door having a fabulous awesome run with good energy!  Two things I learned again: #1When you're feeling truly fatigued say a prayer #2Give it a go, be strong, and see what happens.  God is awesome and he got me through today's 18k with great energy, thank you God!!  I made a human choice to go, and God provided the energy!!  He transcended where I was at - with a little prayer, choice and faith- and provided me with a great run.

Be willing to let God work, and He will amaze you.

This is the Gift that God has given me, athleticism, and I want to give Him Glory through it.
Through the day to day training, races, interactions with my clients etc...I choose to continually work at this athletic ability and gift to full fill God's purpose for my give Him Glory via His gifting.  God has planted the seed of athleticism and I need to let it grow.