Friday, January 22, 2010

God's truth

In truth God wants us to Flourish. By leading a Flourish life we are following what God wants us to do according to His Scripture. This is a "win, win" situation where we benefit from living our optimum lives....being the best we can be according to our own unique talents, so that we are a bright small reflection of God's goodness. Psalm 23:3 for instance : "He gives me new strength. He leads me on paths that are right for the good of his name.". This is a perfect illustration, as the Psalm states "He leads on paths that are right" which equals truth full pure living, which equals following our unique life path, heart and true calling so that we can give God Glory. For me, this means the more I flourish (the more I live optimally in accordance with my own individual giftings and talents: like living super athletically/really fit, truthfully, kind, LOVING, wisely, artisticly) the more I am a good example of an optimal life, Christianity and Joy..... a sort of brightness that gives God glory and helps draw other individuals to Him. Again and again, I realise that in truth a Flourishing life is what we are all meant to work towards, by way of our own individual talents and our best efforts to live optimally, ideally as truthfully as possible......our best lives.....a Flourishing life for God, Jesus and Holy Spirit!

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