Sunday, January 3, 2010

More Incentive and Motivation to keep going:

It never hurts to make a list and look at the reasons why I get up and train each day and how this is contributing to a flourishing life! So here are a few more reasons:

- Every time I get up and train I am contributing to a Flourishing life and giving God glory by the gift of athletics he has given me.

- The day is always better.

- I am always happier, more in control, wiser and calmer....more energy.

- I'm flourishing.

-I'm full filling my destiny to be an athlete every time I train.

- I am builind credibility by way of practicality. Credibility for my job as a Personal Trainer and Motivator, something that simply can't be read in a text book but must be learned by continual training.

-Via a happy by-product (do what you love and the rest will follow) I'm making money. Every run, swim or work out contributes to my success in my career and builds my credibility = more clients= more money.

- I'm doing what I'm meant to do. What God designed me to do: Train:)!

Reach for the step at a time.

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