Friday, October 16, 2009

Attitude paired with Actions is everything

Choose your attitude everyday. "Are you OK with this?", me: "It doesn't matter if I'm OK with this, at this point, I have to choose my attitude and make this situation WORK, I have a goal to achieve and I will achieve it.". Flourish where ever you are, what ever your doing. Actively work at a Flourishing life, through good times and bad. Practice, Practice, Practice. It's not just positive thinking, it's ACTIVE Living, choosing to live to the best of one's capabilities EVER DAY. It's like a race, good patches and tuff moments, but you keep going, going, going to the best of your capability.....and your glad you did, despite that hard moments, it's always better then caving....eventually you get those wins, life wins. One step back, three steps forward. I will not give up. I WILL achieve my goals. Live your best life.


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