Saturday, December 5, 2009

God's message to me

Be true to yourself and your heart and the rest will follow. Being true to myself means: living a highly athletic flourishing life, never compromising my training volume or consistency! Also, projecting this enthusiasm for life and sport to clients, inspiring them and getting them inspired to train.....feeling some of the same feeling that training has brought me.......God's gift of movement. This can and will only be accomplished if I am true to myself: training lots, training hard, living the life of an athlete (this is why I'm good at my job too!) true calling.....God's gift to me. Flourish eternally through God, Jesus Christ and Holy Spirit.

(also, just a side note, this thought was re-emphasized to me during a tempo run that I didn't think I could do.....shifted my attitude completed the tempo run with style and fortitude.....realized again the importance of attitude and of course as always how VITAL training and being an athlete is to every component of who I am......this is the way GOD created me!!)

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