Saturday, December 12, 2009

Some very good thoughts:)

The more I run the more I want to run.

Iron sharpens Iron.

Once the mind accepts anything the body will respond.

Mind over matter.

Today, again like many training sessions I rolled out of bed completely smashed....feeling exhausted having had a long week and little sleep. I decided not to procrastinate but give an easy run a go, even though a tough tempo was scheduled. Before I knew it I was working my way into one interval, telling myself "just try and see what happens".....completed the first hard 5' and then followed into an easy recovery jog for 1' then back to "just trying and seeing what happens" into the second interval. Giving my self permission to do something easier if my body truly needed it, paired with an open mind to the possibility that in fact I CAN do the scheduled work out, always seems to set me up for success. It is this openness, paired with mercy, that seems to phychologicaly work and, well, being TRUTH FULL with myself. Yes I was legitimately tired, so I bargained with myself initially and gave myself permission to adjust and start with an easy run and see how I felt. Looking later into the run, I was open minded enough to give an interval a try. Then realising that I had energy I was truth fullwith myself to continue on and complete the work out because in truth I could.


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