Sunday, April 12, 2009

Blasting around the trails

I love running.  Love, love, love running.  

I woke up today, feeling not altogether that energetic after the week's higher volume and realized today it was raining and my coach had scheduled a long run.  Oh well, tough, get on the runners, hit the trails and "just do it"  (I'm a big fan of this "just do it" slogan...a little corporate I know, but it actually has great personal value).  My legs felt a little like cement after yesterday's weights and intence spin, but I kept moving trying not to think about the fatigue my legs.  After a couple loops around the trail, there was one long hill which to my dismay I felt like was  "mission impossible" to run up; but, I never walk up this hill so I wasn't about to start, even if that meant jogging, instead of running...oh no!  Nevertheless, I kept on moving and by half way through the run I felt like I was running a descent clip.  That's one of the things I love and find fascinating about sport, how your body and mind can feel fatigued to start and before you know it your singing to the tunes on your ipod and having an altogether awesome time.  This is a great lesson, you'll never regret going, working out that is, but you'll usually regret passing up a training session.

All and all, I had a great run and enjoyed the scenery.  I passed some cute little animals sprawling about, including little dogs and bunny's.  Yes, this is an additional motivating factor to get out and run...ha ha.  Next time I may have to bring my cell so I can take a picture of some of my finds....including a very dear little white dog that appeared to be covered in mud from his adventures.  Love it!

Good run....endorphins are flying high!

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