Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I like being high

I love the natural high of a good run.  Seriously, I think my body is hard wired to crave and need the lift of a good workout on a daily basis.  I need my daily dose of endorphins.  

What a wonderful gift it is to run, swim, cycle and workout in general!  I truly know and believe that exercise or freedom of movement is a gift from God for us to enjoy!  Living life to the fullest, on a broad scale means attempting, for the most part, to make the most of each day!  For me, because of my life's path, this means specifically training on a daily basis and making the most it whether my energy is so-so or flying high.  I view training and exercise as a true gift and purpose that God has given me and many others.

Today's run was excellent, well actually it was a "brick" workout.  The bike end of things didn't feel all that great, but I managed to "muscle my way through it" in hopes of a better run.  A better run was in store, indeed.  I hit my stride as soon as I begun and took nearly 3 minutes off my previous "comfortable pace" for my 10k run (which turned out to be around 11k).  I think this was in part due to my spectacular new racers, man did they ever feel great, and an increase in lactate threshold capacity (all those fartlek and tempo runs!).

Feeling very happy, endorphins are flying....peace!

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