Saturday, April 11, 2009

New Race flats....or Training shoes??

I've been doing a lot of reading about Newton Shoes and minimalist running, and have come to the conclusion that maybe I should give the whole minimalist approach a go!  So the idea, as I understand it, is that contrary to past theories on running form and shoe construction we should actually be running with less cushioning and support.  I guess it's the whole idea "less is more", which make sense if you allow the body to more naturally respond to a given surface (trail or concrete) it will better be able to respond by adapting to one's natural stride or gait.  With that in mind, after my first training session today I was on a mission to find the lightest trainer/racer possible and try this whole "natural running" thing out.  I'm super excited, in a geeky endurance athlete way, to see how my body responds to the flats....I'm thinking it's going to be an excellent ride!  I feel faster just looking at them...awesome!

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