Monday, July 20, 2009

My body screamed for exercise

So after sleeping much of the week away due to sickness and sleeping a record of 12 hours on Sunday, not including naps, today I am officially feeling much better.  I woke up this morning with out my alarm at 5 am ready to go!  I ate my gluten free muffin then was off to my trainer for an hour followed by a cruisey 6k run.  Very nice way to start the morning and wow my body was sure delighted by the training, it felt as though my body was screaming for exercise.  Our bodies get so attuned mentally, physically and spiritually to working out, and to go with ought for several days was very tough.  Another reminder, of how adaptation works and changes every cell in one's body right down to the cognitive and nervous the point that you can't function with out proper stimulus...that being a good workout for the athlete!  So I'm very happy and thank full for today and being back into the training mode full on!

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