Saturday, July 25, 2009

When a door closes a window opens

In faith, I know that when a door closes God opens a window.  Even when I don't see that window right away or understand why a particular door closed, in faith I choose to believe in God's greater purpose and vision.  

For instance, this week I was planning on racing the "zone 91.3 8k", which I was pretty excited about since there would have been great opportunity to medal.  I woke up this morning feeling low-energy, sneezy, coughy and dizzy: the aftermath of perhaps last week's flu virus.  So after a good cry of frustration, a chat and prayer with mom, a discussion with my coach the conclusion was reached that racing wouldn't be the wisest decision.  Next week's training will also be on the lighter side.  Ok, fine, I'm actually ok with this because I know God has a greater vision and I'm sure there are some great lessons to be learnt.  God's shown me His better plan countless times before, even when I can't see it right away, but in hindsight I can usually see His greater in faith I know it's all good, He's got it covered all I need to do is: try my best in my own humanly way, have faith, pray, and live an optimal flourishing life!!  So this small obstacle today, is a great example of many of other life's dilemma's and how God is there in the midst of it creating a better purpose.

So what did I learn and what helped me today:

1-Praying and truly wanting God's will to be done
2-Chatting with mom (mom's are great!)
3- Looking at the bigger picture
4-Taking a closer look at my nutrition and adjusting some things (later post to come)
5-Sleeping, lots of sleeping (12 hours last night, and two naps!)!
6-Lots of Veggies (Veggies are becoming more and more the foundation of my diet!)
7-then some training, easier then usual, but still a good sweat!  My brain and endorphins still needed a pick me up!
8- Knowing that God will deliver me from this sickness because His gift to me is Sport.

I can see now that this low energy has forced me to take a closer look at my nutrition and focus even more on veggies as the foundation!  God's nutrition!

I'm looking forward to some cruisey fun training tomorrow-flourish!

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